We Were WASP by Ann Erikson

War Birds

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Sweetwater, Texas – August 1943: Four women meet in a barracks where they have been called to be Women Air-force Service Pilots. They will test new planes and ferry them to the front lines of the war. To the outside world, they are unknown, to the war they are unwanted, and to the US army they are a necessary evil. They will each endure insults, distrust, and ridicule.

Through the war, they will find kindred spirits in each other, and together they will be invincible. No matter what else might occur, they will always have their memories of the plane. The unfathomable, tactile sense of flying as the only refuge of absolute freedom. High-flying, anxiety provoking, discouraging, untameable, deep-felt, wild. Friends in arms, always. Barriers are things to overcome. Life is, until it ends.

We Were WASP is a Danish freeform tabletop scenario for four players and a facilitator that plays in four hours including workshops and debrief. It uses set scenes to give players an immersive glimpse into the lives of the WASP, and a partnered piloting mechanic that brings to life the emotional intensity of flight.


Featured at the Stockholm Scenario Festival

Nominated for Best Roles at Fastaval 2014

Nominated for Best Storytelling at Fastaval 2014

What people are saying:

“Four women with dreams of flight become the unsung heroes of the war in an otherwise forgotten chapter of history. Simple story rules ensure that even stressed out WASPs don’t get stung, but instead find strength in a high-flying sisterhood when chauvinism tries to pin them to the ground. Powerful and genuine characters mirror the conflict of the game and provide the players with a solid foundation on which to build despair. The outside world forces the WASPs to grow and form their own sisterhood in a society that wants to clip their wings.

~Fastaval Jury

“Each game is immediately accessible to the inexperienced gamer. There are no complicated dice scenarios to memorize, or sophisticated numbers systems to learn. Just grab a few friends, read the instructions, and begin.”

~Al(ex) Rosenberg, Autostraddle


“Jump from Video Games to Role Playing Games with We Were WASP” on Autostraddle


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