Mobilize by Kira Magrann

Mobilize CoverThis game is for sale as part of the War Birds Anthology  in hardcover, softcover and PDF formats at Indie Press Revolution.

Ft Oglethorpe, Georgia, 1943: This story follows five queer women working together here in the motor pool, trained in the driving, maintenance, and repair of jeeps, trucks, and motorcycles. For the first time they could find each other, find community, in the Women’s Army Corps: clothes they felt themselves in, a job that let them get their hands dirty, a lover, a family, a home. The military only tolerated these women because they needed the numbers; by regulation they were still classified as mentally ill and the threat of a dishonorable discharge was real. Sometimes that threat meant making the hard choice between doing the right thing, and surviving as a queer woman in the army.

Mobilize is a semi-live larp for five players. It runs in three hours and includes workshops on gender presentation and performance to understand the complexities of identity these women experienced in 1943. Play is a series of motor pool jobs where choices are made about how characters and their new found queer community will comport themselves under pressure and the intense scrutiny of military authority.

What people are saying:

“It is amazing and evocative and educational and YET AGAIN got me to invest a ton into it emotionally only to break my heart.” 

~Eric Mersmann

“This game stuck with me. I spent days talking about it, processing the events and the emotions it engendered. It was hard to play anything afterwards.”

~Shervyn von Hoerl

“This is the first game I’ve ever played that brought me to tears. I felt Thelma’s despair and wept for her. It was beautiful and moving. Mobilize was a masterpiece. “

~Joseph Le May


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