About Us

We specialize making award-winning, provocative, political, historical and educational games that transform player relationships with history and the world around them.

Unruly Designs is the home of the War Birds series of games about women fighting on the front lines of history. Games like Model Protectorates, Keeping the Candles Lit, and The Things She Carried in the War Birds Anthology illuminate the forgotten contributions of women in World War II. Games like Rosenstrasse, Against the Grain (War Birds Anthology) and A Plague Among Us all players to shine a spotlight on the relevance of that history on our world today.

Games like Our Last Meal and Through All These Years invite players to share intimate moments in communion with each other while they ponder the temporality of relationships and the lingering nature of love.

If you would like to purchase physical copies of our games, you can find them at our Indie Press Revolution Store Front. If you’d like to see some of our more experimental games, you can check them out at our Itch Store.

If you play our games, please reach out! It’s sometimes lonely to release games into the wild, and there’s nothing better than finding out that people read, ran or played a game and found it interesting or valuable. Please don’t be shy!