Lumberjills by Moyra Turkington

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Lumberjills is a live action roleplaying game about the women of the WWII Women’s Timber Corps felling giant trees, making lifelong friendships, and finding their dance cards forever full. With techniques built to make you feel physically competent without needing to be, Lumberjills frees you to immerse in a story about being strong, being loved and choosing the life you want to live.

Play to find out how phenomenal you are.






  • Feel-Great Play: Built on joy, support, capability and choice. Character experiences are front and center with the war only distantly in the background. Players are empowered to drive their own stories, and are dedicated to helping each other fulfill them.
  • Be a Rockstar Facilitator: When you run Lumberjills you’ll be helping them create an amazing game that your players will remember for years.  You don’t have to know history – everything is taught by the game. The mechanics are simple and set up a process that means as long as you’re a fan of your player’s stories you will have everything you need to find what they want and make choices that matter. 
  • Deep Connectivity: Lumberjills bubbles over with romance! An abundance of suitors will passionately pursue you, developing from a room full of first impressions into an ardent wooing. And all the while your relationships with your fellow lumberjills will bloom via the extraordinary physical adventure of your lives.
  • A Great “Gateway Larp”: Lumberjills has clear expectations, solid structure, and teaches players how to support each other in new ways. This makes it a great game for brand new roleplayers, or tabletop players who are curious about larp. 
  • Re-playability: Lumberjills is fueled by the chemistry of the characters in the story and the desires of the players. This means that every time you play you’ll get a different story, different feelings, and different results. Many of our playtesters played more than once, and want to play again!
  • Well-Proofed! Lumberjills was a decade in the making. It was tested it extensively, evolved it with care, and produces highly reliable game play. A real labor of love!