The Things She Carried, by Wendy Gorman

Available in the War Birds Anthology at IPR

Akiko, Toshi, and Hana live in Tacoma, WA during World War II, and are a Japanese-American family consisting of a grandmother, mother, and daughter. Akiko was born in Japan, but her daughter Toshi and granddaughter Hana have lived in the United States their whole lives, and have never even been to Japan. They have just received news that the US Government is going to put them in an internment camp somewhere in California. They have just 24 hours to close their tailoring business, pack what few possessions they can, and sell the rest.

What will they bring with them? What will they sell? What will they have
to leave behind?

About the game: The Things She Carried is a tabletop role-playing game for three players 3 players to be played in 2 hours.