Model Protectorates by Moyra Turkington

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MP Cover

An intense family drama set in occupied Denmark. Under the dominion of the Reich, the pressures of domination pushed everyday people to examine just how much they were willing to comply or resist the state of occupation. Family bonds were tested. Autonomy and sovereignty became primary concerns as much at home as in the streets. This is a game about resistance and control, freedom and protection, and the difficulty that comes from deciding not to model the behavior that is expected of you.

A semi-live scenario for 4-5 players and a facilitator (who also plays); the game takes 4.5 hours to play including workshops and debrief and alternates between full live game play and narrative interludes. Storyboarding mechanic provides support for the players to direct their own fate. Model Protectorates has been used as an edularp in a Denmark high school to teach history.


Nominated for the Jury’s Special Prize at Fastaval 2015


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