In Development

Unruly Designs has many new games in development, all in different stages. See the links below for a glimpse in to what might be up next from us!

  • War Birds: Lumberjills, by Moyra Turkington – In the highlands of Scotland in WW2, British women come together in brutal physical labour: felling trees and processing timber in service of the war effort. In the woods, they find newfound confidence and physical capacity – and in dance socials with neighbouring lumberjack and training camps discover romance, and new options for their lives.
  • War Birds: Nightingales, by Moyra Turkington, Misha Bushyager and Rachel E.S. Walton is being developed to explore the experience of nursing in wartime, and can be adapted to numerous settings and eras.
    • Casablanca, 1943: Far, far from home, US Army Nurses deployed at the 6th General Hospital in French Morocco save lives and foster friendships against the flood of casualties coming out of the North African front. The original Nightingales setting by Moyra Turkington, Misha Bushyager, and Rachel E.S. Walton)
    • Santiago, 1898: 32 Black nurses were recruited to serve in the worst of the typhoid and yellow fever wards for the Army during the Spanish-American War. A Nightingales setting by Misha Bushyager.
    • Minneapolis, 2020: Street medics get into Good Trouble as they tend the wounds of protesters raising their voices against racism and police brutality in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. A Nightingales setting by Misha Bushyager, Moyra Turkington & Jonaya Kemper.
    • Manhattan, 1983: When doctors and health care workers refuse to care for patients with HIV, queer nurses step up to care for the sick and the dying. 
    • Kragujevac, 1914: Responding to the urgent need for medical services during WWI, the female doctors and nurses of the Scottish Women’s Hospital circumvent a government that would not let them serve by creating their own hospital in Serbia.
  • War Birds: A Plague Among Us, by Moyra Turkington. Poor, elderly women are pressed to serve as a Searchers of the Dead during the Great Plague of London. A game abour essential work, and the way that pandemics diminsh our dreams. 
  • War Birds: Comforts Committee, by Moyra Turkington and Jennifer Martin with Becky Annison. Members of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Comforts Committee come together to knit and crochet for the war effort. The woollens they make warm and comfort those serving the war abroad, and the act of coming together bring comfort to those on the uncertain home front.
  • War Birds: The Candy Bar War, by Moyra Turkington and Brand Robins. Canadian children organize a nation-wide strike when the price of candy bars suddenly doubles after the end of WWII. A larp about the history of children in labour and protest, and about the ways society asserts control.
  • War Birds: Blood is Thick, by Kimberley Lam – Though the brutal Khmer Rouge was ousted from power in 1979, the years since have been filled with Vietnamese occupation and civil war. One family has escaped and struggled to build a new community for themselves in a foreign land. One day, they are contacted by a survivor thought to have been killed in a notorious execution center. Their joy is short-lived, however, when she eschews reuniting with the family for the traditional New Year’s festivities, choosing instead to venture back to Cambodia to confront the aftermath of the genocide head-on. Her courage causes unresolved pain to rise once more to the surface, calling forth the demons that the family carried with them when they fled.
  • Run Them Again, by Moyra Turkington and Brand Robins. A crew of an inter-galactic mining convoy is suddenly jolted out of hyper-sleep when something goes terribly wrong. A labour larp about the cold equations of systems that do not care.
  • No Thing to Fear, by Moyra Turkington and Brand Robins. A structured scenario about three friends, who happen to be animals, and their flight from devastation towards a promised land where they will find those they love, reclaim that which they have lost. It is a lovely game with talking animals. It is not a trap.
  • The Sweetfire Chronicles, by Kimberley Lam and Moyra Turkington. A sweet otome tabletop game of queer cowgirls, for 1-4 players.
  • Umbra, by Moyra Turkington and Bronwyn Friesen. Occasionally, under the full moon, a wolf pack that lives as one entangled beast finds itself suddenly, disturbingly human. A (mostly) nonverbal game about feminine intimacy, bonding and expression inspired by féminine écriture.
  • Our Last Meal, by Moyra Turkington. A close knit community comes together to share the last meal of a beloved member and try to figure out who they will become without them. A game about food, love and grief.