Keeping the Candles Lit, by Shoshana Kessock

War Birds

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Keeping The Candles Lit is a story about three generations of women in one family fighting as partisans during the war. Having escaped the grasp of the Nazis, they have taken to the woods of Europe to fight back in armed resistance. The women are from a traditional Jewish background and have spent their lives steeped in their culture and religion. Confronted with this wide-open world fraught with danger, they must decide what part of their past traditions they wish to preserve, and what legacy they will carry with them to be passed down to future generations.

Keeping the Candle Lit is is a semi-live larp/freeform inspired by blackbox theater techniques and abstract play. It runs for four hours, requires three players and two facilitators who will also play supplemental roles.

What people are saying:

“I walked into Keeping the Candles Lit looking to learn something. I got more than I thought possible. This is a serious game. It’ll make you consider what it was to be Jewish during the holocaust, and leave you a lump of tearful putty”

~William Nichols

“Keeping the Candles Lit is an experience that I will always carry with me. It was a beautiful, haunting, horrifying window into an indescribable experience and has influenced the way I both play and design games ever since.”

~Ash Kreider, designer of Thou Art but a Warrior and The Watch


Keeping the Candles Lit was a 2016 IndieCade Nominee

Media & Engagements:

Shoshana was featured as a guest speaker at the 2017 Games for Change Festival, on the Civics and Social Issues Track for her work on Keeping the Candles Lit.


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